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Advertising- Friday, February 8, 2013

Advertising is essential for all businesses and there are many ways to do that, billions of £££’s are wasted and squandered every day around the world on ineffective, inefficient, expensive advertising.

Whether it be TV, Radio, Internet, papers, directories and trade magazines, they all have their place and business would stop growing, making profits, trading and prospering if it can’t get its message out using these mediums or gets its message wrong.

Countless businesses have failed because they might well be fantastically expert  at the service or product they provide but without advertising and marketing to get the message out there that you are here, available, approachable and ready to serve and do business there would be no point in getting out of bed every morning.

Marketing is something that businesses invariably get wrong at some point and although results may be gained the cost ratio of spend to return will invariably be too low or not as high as it might be due to overspending on expensive marketing and advertising, overcomplicating things and maybe getting the message and brand wrong.

There is no magic wand, no magic formulae, no divine inspiration which will hit the mark 1st time and set the heather on fire within your business, but one thing is for sure, in business it is a game of trial and error over and over, throughout any entrepreneurs career or lifetime it is a constant that never leaves and can be obsessive but it is often neglected and not as high up the priority list as it might be.

Here at ATTN Print & Display we believe in getting your message out as cost effectively as possible.

What could be more effective and satisfying that seeing your business name several times on the drive to work each morning, knowing that hundreds maybe thousands of people have the opportunity to see that message of yours every day. Even more satisfying would be taking the phone calls every day that stem from those messages on signs, banners posters flags, from people who have also seen them driving to work every morning signs once in position tend to stay in position generating awareness depending on location often costing nothing. Banners and signs in your local area guiding custom to your business can be like turning on a tap filling up your order book, bookings or bums on seats making your business grow, earn and buzz with activity.

I can’t say it’s a miracle cure to all ails but it is a very cost effective method of local advertising, really a must for any business to get as much visual impact in your location as possible.

ATTN 10 point Plan to improve sales by 10 – 25% all under a £250

1)      Get your design right we can help with layout and design if you don’t have your own.

2)      Make use of space on building entrance, doorway to promote your message.

3)      Use directional signs around the locale to point clients straight to your door.

4)      Use A4 Airstripe TM  (Made up Name) Boards to tie to railings lamp posts with brand and web twitter and tel no. Correx Foamex Diabond flute board foam board plywood mounted Self adhesive Vinyl Stickers

5)      Take a pack of 5 promotional banners with seasonal messages you can rotate to keep your customers thinking about you, fresh to the eye and interest in your current offer.

6)      Use beach flags, surf flags wind dancers and to draw the eye with movement in the wind classy design.

7)      Use ATTN Interior Poster Holders , poster frames and posters, to advertise current and up and coming offers ith prints and graphics to Prints to add to the ambiance inside your premises and create a calm tranquil welcoming atmosphere

8)      Use Cafe Barriers to segregate areas within your premises and these can be printed with logo’s products, texts or any messages you would like to show to your customer.Cafe Screens and Screens for Cafe’s Pubs Hotels Resturants, Offices and receptions.

9)      Canvas Prints can add a touch of elegance to your office reception restaurant, hotel or pub with some carefully selected images to lift the quality of a public area.

10)   Pavement signs or pavement A boards can be a great marker if you have space for them to make sure your customers can find you, to give a sample of what’s on offer on the menu or any special deals happy hours sales etc. Windmaster whirlwind swingers and pavement A Boards .

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