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Picture of United Kingdom  Flag

United Kingdom Flag

Quality Polyester United Kingdom flag printed and hand stitched flag with rope and toggle ready to fly

117gsm knitted polyester dye sublimation printed vibrant non run, uv stabilised colours, sewn with hem all round and fitted with rope and toggle ready to fly.

Flag Size

Flag Price

Flag Weight

1 yard £42.00 0.2kg
1.5 yards £45.60 0.3kg
2 yards £50.40 0.45kg
2.5 yards £66.00 0.75kg
3 yards £91.20 1.0kg
4 yards £136.80 1.8kg
5 yards £219.60 2.8kg
6 yards £297.60 4.2kg
5x3 ft £7.14 0.5kg

Size *